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What does BeachFit Moms offer that is different from other Mommy & Me classes?

BeachFit Moms is “The new workout movement for the most exciting stage of your life – Motherhood!”™ It is a result-driven workout for the mom who wants results. Even though you are in a group environment, we treat you as a personal training client. That’s why you will see results fast. Achieving personal goals in a group environment is a physical and mental ego boost! We all support each other and enjoy every minute of the class. All our instructors are certified personal trainers and CPR Certified; this means that you are being taken care of by professionals.


Where can I join BeachFit Moms?

BeachFit Moms is offered exclusively at Beach Fitness in Seal Beach.


What do I need to bring and wear?

You should bring: athletic shoes, a good supportive bra and a stroller (preferably a jogging stroller) if you are a mom. Please be certain to bring water, as hydration is a key part of our Nourish program!


Are the kids a part of the workout?

No, the children are not a part of the workout or our exercise programming. However, they are more than happy to participate if they want to and trust us – they LOVE it!


What do I need to know about bringing my child?

Scroll down and find out more. Please note, bringing your child is not mandatory and you don’t even have to be a mom. We have many women joining BeachFit Moms simply because it is the best workout!


What if …I’m trying to get pregnant? 

This is a great opportunity for you to prepare your body for the journey ahead of you. Even though you’re not pregnant – yet –  doesn’t mean that the BeachFit Moms Program is not for you. We all know that trying to become pregnant is a rather stressful stage – come join us, sweat it out and relax your mind. We recommend starting with the FUSION class and expand your needs and goals from there.


What if …I’m pregnant? 

Congratulations! You are going through the most amazing experience that your body has ever been through. This is the perfect program for you. All our classes; COMPLETEFUSION and BEAT, are suited for pregnant women. COMPLETE is perfect for women who have been active before their pregnancy, FUSION is excellent for all woman at any stage, as it is a slower paced class and focuses on energizing the body by performing specialized corrective exercises. Finally, our BEAT class gives you a healthy heart boost and is especially important during pregnancy.

Your body is constantly changing and you need to be prepared for carrying around extra weight, delivering your baby and recovering from the birthing. Whatever class you choose it will give you confidence, strength and knowledge about your body. Working out in moderation during pregnancy is never bad for your body – instead it will make you stronger and perfectly ready for the big challenge ahead of you.

But what if you can’t do all the exercises in the class? No worries, the instructor will always adjust the exercise specifically for you. Most of the time you will be able to do them, maybe just at a slower pace. Everything is scalable in BeachFit Moms. Remember, it is your body and you should listen to its needs. If at anytime during the workout, you are not feeling 100%, take a minute to rest. When pregnant, you may have aches and pains because your body is constantly changing. This class will release tension and aches and will also build up your strength so you are perfectly fine carrying your baby to term. Think of the joy and freedom you will have when you carry your baby in your arms.

During pregnancy, there are new stresses placed on your body due to your changing center of gravity.  As a result, we focus on postural exercises to strengthen your lower back and build core resilience. We guarantee that this program will do wonders throughout your whole pregnancy journey.


What if …I just had a baby? 

Wasn’t that the best day of your life? Take your time to get settled at home with your new baby and addition to the family. Depending on what kind of delivery you had – you will need to recover. We recommend 6 weeks for a regular, complication free, vaginal birth and up to 3 months for a C-section. Of course, we will need your doctor’s approval prior to beginning any exercise program.  At that point, you are welcome to any of our classes.  The BeachFit Moms program will help you speed up the recovery process after giving birth. Every week you will feel healthier and stronger. Some women recover really fast, some women take longer. It’s not a competition, we are all different, but we are working towards the same goal: to be healthier and happier moms!


What if …I had a C-section? 

Guess that little bundle wanted to try another path out? C-section demands a longer recovery process. It is absolutely crucial that you have your doctor’s approval to start exercising after a C-section. Even though the scar on the outside has healed, there are still scars inside that require healing. You would know immediately if something doesn’t feel right.

Just because you had a C-section doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. You can still walk and do many exercises for you upper body. Also, since your have been cut open, your muscles are working hard to attach to each other and operate normally. That numb feeling you experience is a result of nerves still trying to connect to each other. It is very important to make those nerves connect again. If you don’t do any core work, you will get a saggy mom belly, your posture will worsen leading to shoulder and lower back pains. Our classes help you focus on ensuring your core returns to normal, and then becomes stronger than ever.


What if …I’m breastfeeding? 

For your own comfort, and obviously your child’s, you may wish to nurse before coming to any of our BeachFit Moms classes. That way your baby is full and happy and your breasts will be comfortable during the 60-min class. There are many questions regarding changes in breast milk supply when you are working out, as well as the taste. This is different from baby to baby.

Based on personal experience, the dozens of moms we have worked with and current research, very rarely will exercising change your baby’s need or desire for breast milk. Current scientific studies have shown no change in infants’ acceptance of mom’s milk an hour after exercise, even for the moms who exercised at maximum intensity. As long as you are keeping hydrated – you will be fine. If you are breastfeeding, we recommend a racer back bra. This type of bra offers more support to the upper and the lower part of your back, it is also beneficial for your posture.


What if …I’m all recovered and ready to get fit?

You have come to the right place! The BeachFit Moms Program has everything you need to get in perfect shape – and be one hot, sexy mama! You just don’t want your body back – you want it to look better than ever. Being pregnant gives you amazing body awareness; no wonder most women look their best AFTER they had their baby. Working out doesn’t only change your body but also your self-esteem.


What if …the weather is bad?

You will always get an update from your BeachFit Moms Instructor if the class has to be canceled or if there would be a schedule change due to weather. We don’t use the bad weather as an excuse to not work out; we get creative.



We will require you to have your doctor’s release to return to exercise and in some cases, specifically to attend this class. We never encourage woman to workout beyond their body’s own recovery process. If you at anytime during the class feel fatigued, nauseous, etc. please stop and take a break. We will always adjust the exercises for each individual depending on which stage you’re in so you leave happy and healthier!


 Bringing your child


BeachFit Moms™ is an ideal workout for moms. It allows them to bring their child/children without having to worry about daycare or having to pay an additional fee for childcare. We pride ourselves in not having a baby sitting service available during our classes. Why? Because we love our kids! We let them be them for one hour. When other facilities offer child care services (and we know that doesn’t work as smoothly as we think) we believe in active living. We even asked our moms if they wanted child care service and the answer was a strong “NO! We love to take care of our own kids! We know them best.” Below we share some of our most frequent questions:

  • What are the kids doing during class? They hang out! If you went to the park, beach or a room full of cool moms and fun stuff, what would you do? You would have fun! The kids sit in the stroller or in our designated area, they can also choose to be next to their mom as long as it is not of a safety issue or interrupting the class.
  • Is there someone watching them? You! You are the mom, you are responsible for your child/children at all times. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have a million other motherly eyes and the instructors eyes helping you out, but you are the ultimate guardian.
  • I’m not comfortable not having my child right next to me. Is that ok? Of course! You can choose to be right next to the stroller if you prefer, as long as you feel comfortable. The instructor will give you modifications if necessary so you can get BeachFit in no time!
  • Is there an age limit? No. The most common ages? 2 weeks – 13 years old! We allow any age to come. During summer when school is out the older kids are coming too and most often they crush the mom in burpees.
  • I have 3 kids, can I bring them all??? You can bring as many as you would like, as long as they are yours and that you are responsible for them all. The more the merrier!

and last…

  • My kid is crazy! I don’t know if they can be quiet for an hour… (actually the most common question!) Hey relax! We’re moms. We all have crazy kids. We do not expect our children to sit in a stroller and be quiet for an hour at all. If they did, that would almost be weird! Just like above, you are responsible for your own child. If the child is screaming and kicking, let them join in on the workout, give them a snack or if absolutely necessary, take them outside for a few minutes to calm down and then bring them back in. All we are asking for is to make sure your child is not disturbing other moms or the instructor. We like to keep the great energy of the class for the entire time so help us help you!

To make sure that we keep this up, we have our fabulous mantra RUL!


You are Responsible for your own child.

U clean up after yourself and your child.

Leave class on time and with a happy smile!


We recommend all children to be in a stroller, though it is not mandatory. It does not have to be a jogging stroller, however, you need to be able to move around with a stroller. Your child – must or may –  be in a stroller or in a designated safe area when the workout is in progress.  The reason for this is simple, there may be a safety issue. The BeachFit Moms instructor is responsible for the designated safe area, this includes its location, when it should be used to corral the children and any issues associated with safety of the children during class.

Generally the workouts are of little to no danger to children, and as a result, we encourage the children to explore and participate in the mom’s workout. Seeing and participating in the workouts together with their moms, creates an amazing bond between the parent and child. No child is too young or too old to be a part of BeachFit Moms, that’s why all ages are welcome.

Children are easily adaptive to new environments, but all children are different and the adaptive process may vary. The adaptive process is normally harder for the moms (meaning – being sore all the time from workouts!) than it is for your child. After only a few classes in, we’ll promise you your child will love it and make lots of new friends!

Keep your kids happy during workouts by bringing a special book or toy, a healthy snack and most importantly, let them be a part of the activities. You will be surprised how fast they learn how to be BeachFit!

If you do have any concerns, please communicate them to your BeachFit Moms Instructor at your location or send us an email to



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