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Yukon, Canada

Welcome to BeachFit Moms Yukon!

Just because it’s called BeachFit Moms doesn’t mean you have to be at the beach! BeachFit Moms Yukon is bringing the heat to the cold and making the beautiful mothers of Canada ready for summer!


BeachFit Moms - YUKON, CANADA

CrossFit Whitehorse

95 Lewes Blvd

Whitehorse YT Y1A3J4, CANADA


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Meet The Team

Lee Randell; BeachFit Moms Anchor, Head Instructor, CPT, CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Kids Coach, CrossFit KettleBell Coach, Mother of 2

Lee was born and raised in White Horse, Yukon, Canada. Her career in health and fitness started early on. Lee has been through an amazing journey in her 36 years on this planet and she is thankful for every single experience she has had, good and bad. As she says: “I am not perfect, I have made a hell of a lot of mistakes, but I use those mistakes to help me learn how to become a better person each and every day. I try to use my experience as an overweight, depressed mother, binge eater, to fitness competitor, to help each and every person I come in contact with to truly become the person they want to become. There are no “tricks” or “magic potions”. I believe in the power of whole, natural foods, in balanced proportions, and good old fashioned hard work.” Lee is a Certified Personal Trainer, CrossFit Coach, CrossFit Kettlebell Coach and Nutritional Specialist. She is also a dedicated fitness professional for youths and enjoys being a CrossFit Kids Coach. Just Lee is a power house herself! When not teaching and coaching clients she enjoys traveling, learning and spending time with her family including her two children, Victor and Ivory.

For more info about Lee visit MRSLEERANDELL.COM

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