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Healthy Pregnancy Guideline


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BeachFit Moms is a workout program designed for any stage of motherhood. Our programming is focused around healing, restoring, balancing and strengthening a women’s body to prepare for pregnancy, have a healthy and easy pregnancy and for making the new mom, you, feeling stronger and fitter than ever.

During each of our classes depending on which stage you are in you will be coached and modified for your specific needs so you can work out safe and leave happy and stronger. We train, assist and mentor you into becoming ready for the biggest and most rewarding competition of them all, LIFE.

For a safe, fun and rewarding fitness journey at BeachFit Moms follow our 4-step plan:

  1. Talk to your Doctor. Make sure you talk to your Doctor or OB regarding your health status and about kicking off your pre or post-pregnancy journey. This is your chance to discuss any concerns to avoid injury and developing any sort of pain. Please be as specific as possible with your doctor about what type of exercise you are going to attend. Yoga is different from CrossFit and it is important that you understand what type of exercise is suitable for you. If you have diastasis recti (separated abdominal wall), we a offer specialized training program for that at specific locations.
  2. Get started with Personal Training. Starting your fitness journey with a personal trainer is the best way to get to know your body. With your trainer coaching, assisting and correcting all your moves, you can be sure you perform them correctly so you can be consistence and creative with your workout. Personal Training is the ideal path to build your foundation to a fit future. We offer Personal Training sessions at all our locations.
  3. Get a good sports bra, good athletic shoes and a water bottle! Time to get in some retail therapy. You will need to get a good quality sports bra that will support your boobs for any type of exercise and keep your posture, supportive shoes that will allow you to work out at the capacity that your body allows – and most importantly – a glass water bottle to make sure you are staying hydrated at all times!
  4. Building a strong body from the inside out! A healthy and strong body doesn’t come from the outside, it comes from the inside. Our philosophy is longevity. Ease into the program by attending FUSION (core, yoga, pelvic floor), then continue adding on BEAT (get the heart rate up) and then go COMPLETE (total body). This is how you will maintain the quality of your body and nourish your motherhood fitness journey.

 BeachFit Moms follow ACOG Guidelines.

ACOG Guideline

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© Beachfit Moms. All Rights Reserved.