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BeachFit Moms Affiliation  FAQ’s


Why should I start BeachFit Moms?

Don’t you want to be a part of the new workout movement for the most exciting stage of your life? Motherhood! Being an affiliate is more than just being a business owner, it’s a lifestyle. You will inspire women to be the healthiest and fittest moms they can be, while having fun! BeachFit Moms can be operated from anywhere, and by giving you access to the BeachFit Moms Anchor Portal – the complete web support portal including how to develop, execute and grow BeachFit Moms in your own area, the sky is the limit. Don’t just join the movement; lead it!


How do I become a BeachFit Moms Affiliate?

By contacting or call 562-493-8426


What is an Affiliation?

An affiliation is a business entity with a relationship with a larger entity, in this case BeachFit Moms HQ. An affiliation promotes freedom with the benefit of pooling together resources. We are not competitors; we inspire, motivate and help each other out! That’s how we will become the biggest and most professional mom fitness institution in the United States and beyond!


What is the length of the affiliation?

Your affiliation is renewed annually.


What is the cost of affiliation?

As of January 1 2014, affiliation cost $2,500 per year.  This is subject to change at any time.


When is the affiliation fee due?

Upon approval and signing of the legal affiliation agreement.  After that, every 12 months from the day you signed the affiliation agreement.


What is included in being a BeachFit Moms Affiliate?

The BeachFit Moms Anchor Portal – the complete web support portal including how to develop, execute and grow BeachFit Moms in your own area!


  • Complete workouts
  • Participant collateral
  • Business strategies
  • Additional income material
  • BFM affiliate locator
  • Child support services


Also included:

  • Initial, quarterly and annual private coaching for you and your specific location
  • Branding
  • Social media support
  • Programing
  • Pricing
  • Collateral and print imagery
  • Support from HQ including quarterly coaching and web seminars.


How many towns, cities or areas can I cover with an affiliate?

Your affiliation agreement covers one town, city or area as mutually agreed upon by you and BeachFit Moms HQ


Can I add territory to my affiliate?

Yes. To add territory contact


Can there be more than one affiliate in one town, city or area?

Yes. We do not limit the number of affiliates in a given area. We believe in a community where public awareness is the key to a successful business. There are plenty of moms to support a BeachFit Moms Program in the same area.


Affiliate Requirements


What is required from me?

  • You need to be a Certified Personal Trainer
  • You need to have an active CPR adult/infant certification
  • You need to have insurance
  • Once approved you must have a website with the BeachFit Moms logo displayed on the front page of your site
  • You must be approved as a BeachFit Moms Instructor by taking our private coaching session (in person or through the web)


Once approved be an active part of the BeachFit Moms Community by being a professional BeachFit Moms Business owner and health professional, represent your business by posting workouts, join seminars, contribute to the society and have fun!


Do I need to be a Certified Personal Trainer?

Yes.  You need to be a Certified Personal Trainer with an active certification.


What kind of certifications do you accept?

Recommended certifications:

ACE Personal Trainer


AFAA – Personal Trainer

Degree in Kinesiology or Exercise Science.


If you are a holder of any other certifications that are not listed in the prerequisite, contact us for further verification and eligiblity.


If I hire an instructor at my location, do you require a CPT certification for that instructor as well?

Yes. Every instructor and affiliate owner must hold an active personal training certification as referenced above.


What is a BeachFit Moms Instructor?

When you are approved as an affiliate, we will contact you and have a private coaching session with you and guide you on how to be a BeachFit Moms instructor. We will go through our methodology so you understand how to run a fun class and program! The HQ team will continue on coaching and inspiring you throughout, you are never alone and no question is too small.


Do I need to have a CPR certification?

Yes, you must have an adult and infant active CPR certification for as long as you are an affiliate. When applying as an affiliate please attach a copy of your card.


Business Set-up

Do I need a gym to get started?

No. A park or any other location is perfectly ok. Be sure to check with local government to have a clear understand of use for public spaces prior to any advertising or set up of the BeachFit Moms program.  Depending on where you are located, the weather might not always be beneficial for your outdoor class. There are plenty of options in a town or city such as community centers.


Do I need to have any equipment to get started?

No. Most of our workouts don’t require any equipment. But we recommend adding on equipment since it adds value. In the Anchor Portal you will find a suggested equipment list, but none of it is mandatory to run the BeachFit Moms Program.


How many classes per week do I need on the schedule?

We recommend a minimum of 3 classes per week. The Complete class is our fundamental class and we recommend to offer this class once a week, though it is not mandatory.


Are there separate classes to the BeachFit Moms Program?

Yes, we offer three different classes; COMPLETE, FUSION & BEAT. To find out more about these classes go to the Anchor Portal or find the explanation on our website under The Concept.


Can I choose which classes I would like to offer?

Our fundamental class is COMPLETE and is the core class of the program. Any classes besides Complete, can be added as needed and per participants request.


Can I do CrossFit?

Only if you are a CrossFit Affiliate, go to, can you say that you offer CrossFit. If you’re not a CrossFit affiliate, you can NOT say you are part of CrossFit. You can do CrossFit style workouts, but you are not offering CrossFit. Using the name CrossFit in any sort of advertising without being a CrossFit affiliate can lead to legal actions. If you have questions regarding this, contact

The Seal Beach location, HQ, is a CrossFit Affiliate – CrossFit Seal Beach – and we have legal rights to use CrossFit in our advertising. There is also a specialized youth program in Crossfit, which is a separate certification, CrossFit Kids. This is also a program we have at HQ, but that does not entitle you the affiliate to use CrossFit Kids either.

BeachFit Kids is a trademarked name and can under no circumstances be used as a name for the children at your BeachFit Moms program.


How do I set pricing for my BeachFit Moms location?

You set the pricing you deserve! We can recommend pricing but the more value you bring to the program the more you can charge. Go to Location and click on each affiliate to find out how they are charging. The standard is to offer two packages; Unlimited per month and a 10 session package. These two packages have been successful and they give the moms a choice. We recommend a minimum price point of $85/month for an unlimited package and $125 for a 10 pack of sessions.


Do you offer a nutritional program for BeachFit Moms?

Yes. NOURISH™ is our nutritional program. To become a Nourish coach, contact You must be approved by BeachFit Moms HQ to call yourself a NOURISH coach.  The Nourish program is an add-on to the basic program and should be an additional charge for moms.  That is up to the discretion of the affiliate.


How do clients pay?

The affiliate is responsible for using a professional payment service to all clients. There are plenty of options today. If you have questions about this, contact us and we will help you out.


Do I need insurance?

Yes, in order to complete your application for affiliation you must fax us proof of insurance. You will need liability insurance and you will need to name Beach Fitness, Inc., as an additional insured.

How and where will my location be promoted on the website?

You will find your business under Locations. Your specific information will be added on your location page. Here you will also have a link to your website and/or Facebook page.


How do I get featured on the website?

By sending us picture of your class and what kind of fun stuff you are doing!


Can I contribute to the blog?

Yes. If you have blog suggestions or would like to contribute, email


Can I contribute to the workout programing?

Yes! Together we can create an enormous pool of fun workouts and exercises. Get creative and send your workouts to us! We also stay on top of new fitness trends so if you would like to incorporate them into your workout, let us know and we will help you out.  Any programming you send us is considered public information and will be accessible to all affiliates.


The BeachFit Moms Anchor Portal

What is the BeachFit Moms Anchor Portal?

The Anchor Portal is the complete web support portal including how to develop, execute and grow BeachFit Moms in your own area! It is the primary resource for all information for you, the Affiliate.


  • Complete workouts
  • Branding, logos and images
  • Business strategies
  • Additional income material
  • BFM affiliate locator
  • Child support services


How do I get access to the portal?

Upon completion of the affiliation legal and financial requirements, you will get a password to enter the Anchor Portal. This password is strictly confidential and can under no circumstances be shared, this includes ALL of its content within. Sharing the BeachFit Moms intellectual property to anyone that is not a BeachFit Moms Affiliate, may lead to legal action.


Do I need a website? 

Yes. You must have a website. That is the only way we can link to you and keep promoting you. We also recommend creating a Facebook page and/or a blog.


What are the requirements for an affiliate website?

Please DO NOT register a domain with the BeachFit Moms name in it until AFTER you have been accepted; BeachFit Moms is a licensed trademark and its use without our prior permission is illegal. You must have a link to on your home page, unaltered. No commercial advertising is allowed on your website. If you use the word BeachFit Moms in a domain name and you are not an affiliate, it is useless. Using the “BeachFit Moms” name without our approval may lead to legal action.



How do I market BeachFit Moms in my area?

You’re a mom, there are tons of opportunities for you as a mom and BeachFit Moms affiliate to market BeachFit Moms in your area. School, pre-schools, play-dates, health fairs… and more! You meet tons of moms and women per day, so you should consider every mom an opportunity!


What types of marketing materials will be available?

You will receive our marketing start-up kit, which includes logos and some branding standards.


Can I use marketing material from

Yes. You can use all logos from your marketing start-up kit.


Do you offer a newsletter template?

No. We do however recommend MailChimp. With Mailchimp you can pay-as-you-go or pay a monthly fee.


Do you offer a press kit?

Yes. We do offer a basic press kit, this is included in the Anchor Portal. This is a general press kit. Any individualization for your location is your responsibility.


Do you offer a start-up kit?

Yes. This start-up kit will be sent to you as a PDF file and is also available in the Anchor Portal.


Is there promotional material available to sell or market for the participants?

Yes.  Please contact for more information.


HQ Support

How will BeachFit Moms HQ support the affiliates?

The BeachFit Moms HQ team is always here to support you, during start-up as well as during your time as an affiliate. We want to help and support you in your process and make it as enjoyable as can be being a business owner and BeachFit Mom. We encourage you to schedule a phone conference on a regular basis with the HQ team. This has proven to be a successful concept and the most effective way for you to start, execute and grow your business. We also encourage you to join us on our quarterly seminars. These seminars allow a sharing of “best practices” for all of our affiliates and our HQ.


Is there a monthly newsletter for affiliates?

Yes.  Every month you will receive a newsletter with the latest updates and valuable information about BeachFit Moms.


Additional income

Do you offer additional income material for affiliates?

Yes. There are several additional income materials you can receive from us to make the program even more valuable for the moms and their children, as well as for your finances. Please contact for more information.


How do I get access to them?

The Anchor Portals is your main resource for all additional income material.


Other items

Strategic partners / complimentary practitioners?

We encourage all affiliates to partner up with all or any of; a chiropractor, OB/GYN, MD/DO, massage therapist, medi-spa, life coach, aestitician and more. BeachFit Moms is a one-stop-shop for ultimate health.


How big is the geography I cover with my affiliation?

There is no specific geographical coverage when applying for an affiliation.  Generally it covers a mutually agreed upon “community,” which may be a single town, neighborhood or region.  It is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


What exclusivity do I have?

With affiliation, there is not a form of “exclusivity.” We believe that every community has enough moms to support those affiliates, which are approved.   We encourage you to grow your business by creating great value for each and every mom.  That will ensure you will be a trendsetter!


How do I cancel my affiliation?

Contact us if you would like to cancel your affiliation agreement. We do not refund, hold or transfer the affiliation fee.


What steps lead to success in the program?

As a BeachFit Moms Affiliate, you need to be; focused, dedicated, continuous, inspiring, a role model and a trendsetter. You neeed to LIVE, BREATHE and BE a BeachFit Mom. By combining the support from the HQ team with your own knowledge and drive, there is no other option for you then success.


You are in Seal Beach and I am far away, can I get support from a local affiliate?

Yes. We are one big community; we help out each other as much as we can. A BeachFit Moms Affiliate is never alone in this process.


I am not in the US, can I still start the program?

Yes. Contact us and we will help you get started.


How do I work with my city or township?

Be proactive and caring about your town! Attend city meetings, write a letter, introduce yourself and become a person that the city itself see as a perfect example of making the community better.


How do I reach corporate headquarters?

Call 562.493.8426 or email We can always communicate through phone, email, Skype or in person.


What support is available via phone or email?

We are available Mon-Fri 9 am – 5 pm Pacific time for support. We recommend you set up a phone conference so we in detail can discuss and answer all your questions.

If you have any questions about being a BeachFit Moms Affiliate, contact us at

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