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The BeachFit Story



“Just because I created a new life doesn’t mean I have to stop living.”
/Annika Turner

Becoming a mom can be life’s biggest roller coaster ride. The body changes, your hormones changes, your priorities changes, you change, life change. All for the better. When me and my husband started planning for pregnancy I knew that I needed to focus on prioritizing me as well. Living in the beautiful town of Seal Beach I started noticing all these pregnant women and moms always walking or running around town, most of the time all by themselves. I honestly felt a little sadden by that. Is that how it’s going to be? Am I going to exercise by myself – and how do I meet other mom friends? Moving here from Sweden and meeting new friends is a challenge anyways, but being a mom and meeting friends seemed like an even bigger challenge.

Already being a Personal Trainer and GroupFit instructor at Beach Fitness I definitely knew that I wanted to focus on my health and fitness while being a great role model for my future children to live an active life. I knew I wanted to teach them that exercise is not something that you “have” to do, it’s supposed to be fun, something you LOVE to do.


And that’s how BeachFit Moms was born.


BeachFit Moms is a one-stop-shop for all things fitness and health. Incorporating strength, endurance, flexibility, connectivity and nutrition every day in every moms life is my mission. Making each mom strong, happy and balanced and ready for motherhood. Each mom that enters our doors are power-moms. They have already decided that taking an hour of their day to spend on health and fitness – with their child – is the most precious gift and a privilege. I knew from the start that this program was built for the modern mom and how we look at moms and motherhood and that’s why BeachFit Moms has already grown across the Unites States and Canada since our start in 2010.


I am proud to say that BeachFit Moms has changed motherhood. It is an inspiring place to grow, learn, risk, challenge, laugh and meet friends. And a place where we create the #hottestmomsonearth.


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© Beachfit Moms. All Rights Reserved.